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For the love of

food, history, and children!

Who is Carole Marsh?


Carole Marsh has been eating, cooking, and writing about food for more than forty years. Whether it's what pirates cooked, or a bazillion recipes for brownies, she loves to investigate the history, mystery, legend and lore of food, as well as share and create exciting new recipes.


Her cookbooks are varied, so you'll just have to take a look! And come back often, since she's adding new ones all the time. "I can't help it!" she says. "I love reading cookbooks and I love writing cookbooks." 

Follow her Thank Foodness blog for recipes and inspiration! ​

"This website is all about—sharing fun facts, great recipes, and the legend, lore, charm, whimsy, and wonderful taste, trivia, and tradition of food food food!"
Caramelized Pecans
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